i got nail glue in my eye im gonna die im gonna die 

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You were a tadpole once.

Once, you were a tadpole
and you must have helped some little old tadpole lady across the street 
and she must have turned out to be some fairy god-tadpole
because she smiled graciously at you and said
Thank you so much. For your generosity, I will grant you one wish.

And you must have wondered. 

And you must have wondered a little too long because your Fairy God-Tadpole frowned and tapped her foot, gently prodding- “Sweetie, I’m sorry, but I don’t have all day, I’m going to be late for bingo,”
And you must have felt guilty and rushed and you must have jumped to the first thing you thought to want.

There is only one thing a Tadpole wants.

And she must have tutted and sprinkled you with a little tadpole magic and went about her day, leaving you to swim and wait.
You must have lost your faith in her by nighttime.
You must have laughed the whole thing off and went to bed.

And in your sleep, you stretched and grew.
Your little tadpole tail split and pulled and
Your tadpole head just writhed and hurt
And when you woke up gasping for air on the shore
You must have been given this form.

And by now you’ve read Goosebumps and you know
That when a fairy god-tadpole offers you three wishes

It takes one to fuck things up and the rest to make things right

But you must not have helped her across enough streets
Because how are you going to fix things this time?

And all you know are tadpole things
And all you know are swim and sleep
And all you want are eat and sleep
You forgot to ask her for lungs with which to breathe
What other things did you forget to need?

What foresight you must have lacked
When you were a tadpole. 

Thinkin Bout You

Frank Ocean - channel ORANGE (Explicit Version)

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Thinkin Bout You | Frank Ocean

in 2k11 i did a cover of thinkin bout u by frank ocean oh god

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Anonymous said: Do you ever think you'll stop drawing fanart? No offense it just seems like the kind of thing you're supposed to grow out of. I'm just curious what your plans/goals are since it isn't exactly an art form that people take seriously.


Ah, fanart. Also known as the art that girls make.

Sad, immature girls no one takes seriously. Girls who are taught that it’s shameful to be excited or passionate about anything, that it’s pathetic to gush about what attracts them, that it’s wrong to be a geek, that they should feel embarrassed about having a crush, that they’re not allowed to gaze or stare or wish or desire. Girls who need to grow out of it.

That’s the art you mean, right?

Because in my experience, when grown men make it, nobody calls it fanart. They just call it art. And everyone takes it very seriously.


Growth & Repair

March 9th, 2012 - 14th birthday
March 9th, 2013 - 15th birthday
March 9th, 2014 - 16th birthday


misha collins is a huge dork who talks to birds and tells them to take out the trash get him out of my sight


Do I give off a “I wanna fuck you but I don’t want to fuck with you” vibe


i think it’s  comforting to  know that if you ever decide that you don’t like who you are as a person, you can change. you can cut your hair and learn to be kinder and cut old ties and unlearn bad habits and start going by your middle name or a completely new one


Björk - Biophilia

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björk - virus

Love Will Tear Us Apart

Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart

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