this used 2 be my SONG 

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Barbie Jeep (prod. Hot Sugar)

Kitty - Adult Swim Singles Program 2013

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Barbie Jeep | Kitty

got lost in the hotel. i drew on myself 


*swirls $6.99 wine*

sum of these ppl tht i’m unfollowing for being inactive for a while…..sumtimes their last post would b smth like “i love my ferret he’s so cute” and thats it for 11 months do u think they died….u start wonderin…

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i cant wait to go roller skating again i love it 


If your primary thought after hearing of a woman being physically abused by her partner is to insist on playing devil’s advocate or justify the situation by stating it must have been the result of provocation, you’re a misogynist.

i’m going thru my inactive follows and i was following soooooo many role play blogs last yr oh my god 

im the human embodiment of baby lotion  

this song saved a nation 

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